A Wise and Witty Children's Book About Dealing With Divorce

How I Survived my Parent's Big Scary Divorce by Audrey Lavin is a warm, funny, and supportive book to help children understand and process their parents' divorce, and know that they are not to blame. Endorsed by psychiatry professor and head of the Pediatric Pain Clinic at UCLA, Dr. Heather Krell, this is a book for both parents and children.

In today's society, divorce is more and more common. There's no question that divorce is tough on kids. Author Audrey Lavin has created an edgy, funny book about divorce to help kids navigate the process and learn to heal. Children will love the attitude-infused little girl Maggie McFatcha, who is mad at her parents, madder at herself and absolutely furious at divorce. Maggie's sure her parents' split is her fault somehow, but with the help of her parents and a wise "feelings" doctor, Maggie learns that both her parents still love her, that it's possible to have a conversation that doesn't involve yelling or flushing a cell phone down the toilet, and that her friends will still like her even if she lives in two houses.

The creator of Animal Planet's Amazing Tails, as well as a noted television writer, producer, director and on-air correspondent, Lavin has let her creative juices flow once again. Based on her experiences with a real-life divorce, Lavin has taken a tough subject and turned it into a tender, funny and wise book that is sure to help children and their parents cope.

From Jeffrey Lalloway, Brittany Spearís Divorce Lawyer