Alison Lebeck Garcia

I decided to become an attorney when I was in pre-school. Listening to my father’s war stories and excitements of being a small-town general practitioner, city attorney and legislator were always the interesting topics of dinner conversation at our house. The decision to become a family lawyer came later however, when I saw my mother go through a contested divorce, her attorney treated her legal representation like casual dating, and I learned first hand that the quality of one’s attorney can be fundamental to the outcome in any legal matter. As a child of divorce and divorcee myself, I can truly say I understand what my clients are going through and know they are looking for more than a lawyer or his paralegal to handle the legal paperwork, and am committed to preserving a positive co-parenting relationship for my clients when litigation is concluded.

I take pride in being a thorough attorney who will explain long-term ratifications of all aspects of a divorce, custody arrangement or adoption including property division, custody, maintenance and support. I advise my clients based not only on the law, but also their individual circumstances, long-term needs or goals, financial concerns, and moral or family commitments. I identify myself not only as an attorney, but also a counselor and advocate. I understand that many of my clients have not been involved in litigation before, that I might be their first and only lawyer, that the situation bringing them to my office involves their entire family and is therefore the most important aspect of their life. I know they are not looking just for legal representation but also a counselor to guide them through what can be one of life’s low points.

Because I realize emergencies don’t usually come up between 9 and 5, I ensure all my clients have my personal cell phone number so I am available in a crisis. Because I realize my clients hired an attorney and not a paralegal, I return all my own calls and prepare the majority of pleadings, orders and other legal documents. Because I know the process can be confusing and intimidating, I work to ensure my clients never feel lost, bewildered or alone. Because I have been there and know it is extremely difficult, I am sympathetic and patient with my clients while remaining objective, honest and unemotional so I can help them make important decisions.

I absolutely enjoy representing my clients in all their family law matters and hope I can be of assistance to you too. Whether you think you qualify for my no-contest divorce or need representation in a more complex family law matter, call today to schedule your complimentary consultation and know I will handle your case as I would my own.  

Quality Results

Lebeck@Law is a boutique law firm with a focus on Family Law. Attorney Alison Lebeck Garcia is dedicated to providing quality representation at affordable prices. She devotes her practice entirely to helping families with a more personalized approach.


Admitted to practice in 2004, Family Attorney Alison Lebeck Garcia graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law. She has extensive knowledge of both the law and the court process in Texas.


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